Company Sale, Recapitalization or Divestiture
Our clients

Entrepreneurs who are motivated to sell, recapitalize with private equity, or develop an exit strategy for their businesses may engage us to conduct an efficient, confidential sales process. Their reasons for a sale may include: retirement, settlement of an estate, generational transfer of ownership, or the need for growth capital. 

Corporations may retain us to divest a division or line of business in order to preserve management focus on running the core business, and to satisfy their fiduciary duty of obtaining the best price and structure for their shareholders.

Maximizing Value for Sellers

Whether an entrepreneur is seeking to monetize their life's work, or a corporation is looking to re-focus their operations, the seasoned professionals at Eisen Fox help clients sell their business or division in a confidential, organized, and efficient process. Our managed sale process leverages the professionals' relationships with strategic and financial buyers around the world, and our targeted approach maximizes value for the seller. Not only do we focus on maximizing purchase price, we also consider employee and other issues, as well as transaction structure when negotiating a transaction. A business sale may include "earn outs" and other structures that require careful consideration and negotiation, as they may have a significant impact on the total compensation received for a business. 

Services we provide to sellers include:
  • Analyzing the company's business, market, and financial performance
  • Determining valuation and pricing parameters
  • Conducting extensive analysis of potential strategic and financial buyers
  • Preparing a blind executive summary of the Company and the opportunity
  • Initiating contact with prospects and facilitating the confidential exchange of information
  • Ascertaining the level of interest and prioritizing each of the prospective buyers
  • Creating a 30-50 page Confidential Information Memorandum for distribution to prospective buyers that have been identified as top priority and have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Coordinating discussions/visits between the Company and prospective buyers
  • Evaluating Letters of Intent
  • Negotiating and structuring the transaction
  • Assisting in obtaining appropriate financing, including: senior debt, mezzanine, or other
  • Coordinating the due diligence process and serving as a liaison to legal and accounting advisors
  • Managing the process through closing of the transaction

Negotiated Transactions

For businesses that have been approached by a buyer, retaining our experienced professionals will ensure that the seller receives the best price at the most favorable terms. Deal structure, including any "earn out" payments, can have a meaningful impact on the value of the transaction. Eisen Fox can provide a full range of M&A services, including: coordinating the sale process, due diligence, valuation, negotiating deal structure and assisting with obtaining financing.

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